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  • What does it cost to play indoor volleyball with SVC?

    Sarasota Volleyball Club’s fees remain competitive and consistent with other top-tier volleyball clubs in the South Florida region. The costs differ based on age group and program, with aau teams having lower fees than regional or travel teams. All cost details are easily accessible during tryouts. Club dues encompass expenses for tournaments, practices, uniforms, registration/membership fees, administrative costs, coaching, and equipment. Families are individually responsible for any travel, room, and board expenses associated with the club activities.

  • What age group should my child tryout for?

    USAV Age Group Definitions are here for 2023-2024.

  • How do I sign up for USAV or AAU memberships?

    To sign up for AAU and USAV memberships, please use this guide.

  • What memberships do I need for my daughter/son?

    ALL players must obtain an AAU membership.

    In addition, regional and travel players must obtain a USAV membership.