About Sarasota Volleyball Club

SVC Club Players 2022 for Sarasota Volleyball Club in Sarasota, Florida

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a nurturing environment where young athletes can enhance their volleyball skills while also developing essential life skills. We prioritize growth and personal development, emphasizing that success is not solely determined by wins or losses, but by the dedication and the will to improve. We aim to offer athletes a training experience that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of the sport, fostering a comprehensive approach to volleyball.


Our SVC directors are passionate leaders with a wealth of experience in the sport. They are dedicated to nurturing the growth of young athletes, ensuring a positive and enriching volleyball experience for all players.

Board Members

The success of SVC Volleyball is indebted to the unwavering dedication of our board members, whose commitment, passion for volleyball, and devotion to our players create a foundation that fosters growth, character, and excellence within our volleyball community.

Our Core Values

At SVC, our core values are deeply rooted in the mission of building champions of character through the game of volleyball. Character is the foundation, promoting integrity, developing leadership and courage, which guide us both on and off the court. We place great emphasis on community, nurturing a sense of belonging and support, exemplified by family values, service, kindness, and empathy. Passion drives our dedication, seeking enjoyment, fun, and the relentless pursuit of excellence in every practice, game, and endeavor. 

  • Character is the bedrock of our philosophy, with an emphasis on values such as integrity, leadership and courage to shape well-rounded athletes both on and off the court.

     We instill the values of integrity, promoting the importance of honesty and ethical conduct both on and off the court. We are cultivating an environment that teaches our athletes to maintain composure and grace under pressure to perform at their best in all situations. Leadership is encouraged and celebrated, as we believe in inspiring and guiding others to reach their full potential. Additionally, courage is paramount in our approach, encouraging our players to face challenges with bravery and determination, equipping them with the resilience needed to overcome obstacles and succeed not only in the game but in life as well.

  • Our volleyball community thrives on a foundation of shared values, creating a supportive environment where individuals come together, not only to play the game but to foster lasting connections and a sense of belonging.

    In our community-driven approach, we prioritize fostering a sense of belonging through core values, creating a supportive environment within our volleyball community. Service is a fundamental aspect, as we actively engage in giving back to the broader community, striving to make a positive impact beyond the court. Central to our philosophy is kindness, where every interaction is guided by respect and compassion. We cultivate empathy, encouraging understanding and the sharing of experiences among teammates and opponents alike, fostering a culture of camaraderie and mutual growth within our volleyball family.

  • In volleyball, passion intertwines with effort and commitment, creating the foundation for a journey marked by dedication and excellence on the court.

    Passion is the driving force behind our commitment to the game of volleyball, encapsulated in our core values. We prioritize enjoyment, seeking pleasure and fulfillment in every match. Infusing fun into our programs, we create a vibrant atmosphere that enhances the overall experience for everyone involved. Effort is non-negotiable, as we encourage each individual to give their best in every practice, game, and endeavor. Our unwavering commitment extends beyond the court, emphasizing the dedication to the sport's continuous growth and the holistic development of our athletes.

  • Excellence is not just a goal but a journey marked by the pursuit of success, a commitment to facing challenges head-on, and the unwavering spirit of never giving up on yourself or your team.

    Excellence in volleyball transcends perfection, finding its true essence in navigating adversity and conquering challenges. Our philosophy emphasizes that the pursuit of greatness is an ever-evolving journey, where the commitment to propel forward persists, regardless of achieving perfection. In embracing the inevitable difficulties, we not only hone our skills on the court but also forge a resilient spirit that propels us to new heights, recognizing that excellence is not the absence of challenges but the triumph over them.