SVC Programs

Sarasota Volleyball Club

Girls Volleyball Programs

Our girls' volleyball programs cater to diverse aspirations and commitment levels, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive experience for every player. Beginning with our AAU program that provides a solid foundation for skill development and fosters a love for the game in a supportive environment. Our regional program offers a heightened level of competition, refining techniques and strategic play. And, for those seeking a more intensive and competitive journey, our travel program elevates the experience with opportunities for advanced training and participation in prestigious tournaments. Whether it's the grassroots beginnings of AAU or the elevated challenges of regional and travel play, our programs are tailored to nurture growth, camaraderie, and a lifelong passion for volleyball.

Sarasota Volleyball Club

Boys Volleyball Programs

Dive into excellence with our Boys Volleyball Program under the esteemed umbrella of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). Committed to developing well-rounded athletes, our program provides a platform for boys to hone their skills, foster teamwork, and embrace the thrill of competition. With a focus on fundamental training and sportsmanship, our AAU-affiliated program creates an environment where passion for the game intertwines with character development. Join us in this exciting journey, where the synergy of AAU and our dedicated coaching staff propels boys towards volleyball proficiency and cultivates enduring values both on and off the court.